Hall & Oates Storm Warning Lyrics

Artist: Hall & Oates
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Thunder in the heart
(Storm Warning)
Causing me pain
(Storm Warning)
Tears in my eyes
(Storm Warning)
Falling like raindrops since you left
I had a debt myself
Who’s got black clouds over my head girl
Since you left with somebody else

(Storm Warning)
It’s freezing cold out
I stay in my room
(Storm Warning)
In my soul got to see through
Will you please come home
I know it’s where you belong
It’s though black clouds over my head
Baby baby since you’ve been gone

You were mine
In the meantime
And I never had a cloudy day
Baby baby till you left me behind

Let your love light
Shine in my heart
Baby light the way girl
Through the darkness
Baby please come home
End this storm in my heart
Before the black clouds over my head
Baby baby they’ll be no more

Storm in my heart
Since we’ve been apart
It’s raining everyday
Since you’ve been away
Give some honey
I need a little loving

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