Hangnail - The Sleeping Giant Lyrics

Artist: Hangnail Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Transparent
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We've watched the same bland story for all our lives
Flipping through the channels is such a waste of time
We hurry to the movies to get in line
And When the glowing glory is gone we make our way
back to face the real world we try to clear
the smoke from our eyes

No we can't live without it on
We can't live with out it
It's hard to see the damage done
We can't live with out it can we

We don't care the meaning the sense the T.V. brings
even when it's sex that sells us everything
If there is one thing learned from this mock reality,
it's give me, serve me first, a selfish vain philosophy

Just know life is broken in Hollywood, life is broken
Take you chance, you take your chance

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