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Album: Track 7 on Transparent
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When you strip away the outside layer
don't act so surprised
There might be a face that you
don't even recognize
Don't act so surprised
We're living shallow lives
and the consequence is never
knowing who we really are
We've nothing left to hide, transparent lives
There's no disguise, transparent lives
What you see is what you get
It's not forged or counterfeit
No foul motives harbor here
It's strictly the sincere
unafraid to be exposed
Can see right through the soul
You know you don't have need for a show
I've found the conflict of all history
It's desire verses rationality
It's not as complex as it seems to be
Cause when you're fighting yourself
there's no way you can win
I don't want to imitate or try to duplicate
a different personality
I'm trying to comprehend the point of fitting in
It's such a tragic fallacy

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