Hank Snow - Just a Faded Petal from a Beautiful Bouquet Lyrics

Artist: Hank Snow Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on The Singing Ranger
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And onclosed I found the petal from a rose
That I picked and placed in your hand dear
When we strooled beneath the moonbeams long ago

You say that you can understand today dear
Why in tears I told you when you went away
Now you're leaving and I'll be so lonely
Like a faded petal from a beautiful bouquet
[ guitar ]
You tell me that tonight you're broken hearted
Your happiness in life sweetheart you say it's through
And that you regret the day you left me
And broke my heart to change an old love for the new

With aching heart and tears I write this letter
Old mem'ries I could never never cast away
I'll forgive you and you'll find me waiting
Like a faded petal from a beautiful bouquet

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