Hank Snow - Paving the Highway With Tears Lyrics

Artist: Hank Snow Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on I'm Movin' On
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I'm travelin' down the lonesome road of sorrow
Paving the highway with tears
Without your love I face a blue tomorrow
Paving the highway with tears

You found another sweetheart that's why I couldn't stay
Though I still love you darling I'm only in your way
So step by step I walk away from heaven
Paving the highway with tears

I've cried for you if every step I've taken
Paving the highway with tears
The road ahead is lonesome and forsaken
When I look back at all those happy years

I'll always love darling I'm sure your new love fail
You'll find me if you'll follow the teardrops on the trail
Without you dear I'll just go on forever
Paving the highway with tears

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