Hank Snow - Somewhere Along Life's Highway Lyrics

Writer(s) : SNOW, HANK
Artist: Hank Snow Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on The Singing Ranger
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Traveling the lonely roads of sorrow,
Heartaches are all I've ever known.
Time has turned a million pages,
Fate has dealt and I'm alone.

But somewhere along life's highway
From your new love you may part,
And you will reap the pains, my darling,
That go with a broken heart.

The little stars all twinkled brighter,
The moon smiled gaily from the blue.
The flowers seemed to spread more beauty
Oh, so glad 'cause I met you.


Though you've made my life a failure,
I have never been untrue.
And these lonely years have wasted,
All because my love for you.


You played your game to leave me darling,
Your game I did not understand.
So you dealt the cards against me
And I played the losing hand.


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