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Words & Music by Hank Snow & Eddie Nesbitt

You Pass Me By, and you don't even stop to say "hello".
Don't know why I've learned to love you so.
Each night it seems I hear you say your love will never die,
I wake from dreams, You Pass Me By.

When you are lonely, some day you'll learn
Just what it means to live in dreams of love that's unreturned.
A love so sweet that vanished with the sunshine in the sky,
Each time we meet, You Pass Me By.

You Pass Me By, and now I know my hopes are all in vain
Here am I alone on mem'ry lane.
I hope and pray, the one you love will never make you cry,
Then turn away and pass you by.

I keep your mem'ry locked in my heart,
Forever there to help me bear the lonely tears that start.
I might have known our love was only meant to be a lie,
Oh, heart of stone, You Pass Me By.

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