Hank Williams - You Win Again Lyrics

Artist: Hank Williams Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Alone and Forsaken
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The news is out, all over town
That you've been seen, a-runnin' 'round
I know that I, should leave, but then
I just can't go, you win again.

This heart of mine, could never see
What ev'rybod, why knew but me
Just trusting you, was my great sin
What can I do, you win again.

I'm sorry for, your victim now
'cause soon his head, like mine will bow
He'll give his heart, but all in vain
And someday say, you win again.

You have no heart, you have no shame
You take true love, and give the blame
I guess that I, should not complain
I love you still, you win again.

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