Hank Williams, Jr. - All for the Love of Sunshine Lyrics

Writer(s) : Hatcher, Harley Eugene / Curb, Mike / Schifrin, Lalo
Artist: Hank Williams, Jr. Lyrics
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The darkness of my world was all cleared away
The flowers are blooming it's a beautiful day
There's a girl with a heart as big as the sky she's sunshine and I know why
All for the love of sunshine all for the love of sunshine
The Lord smiled down on this life of mine and sent me the love of sunshine

Though sunshine can always make my days seem bright
Sunshine can warm up a cold cold night
I know my sunshine was sent from above an angel that's filled with love
All for the love of sunshine

Through winter the springtime the summer and fall
The moonlight the starlight she outshines them all
In a world filled with fear with pain and such harm my sunshine can be so warm
All for the love of sunshine
All for the love of sunshine
All for the love of sunshine

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