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Artist: Hank Williams, Jr. Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on America (The Way I See It)
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I went down to the Mary Carter paint store
I said give me one of them Smith and Wesson magnum forty fours
Cause there's a man that the law let loose and justice was not done
This man killed my wife and my only little son
I'll never forget the way he looked all through the trial
He had his big named lawyer and he had that smirkey smile
Oh yeah he got you off on a technicality
But you'll have to grow wings and fly to ever get away from me
Cause I got rights I got rights too
And this time there won't be no damn lawyer and system to protect you
But I'm gonna read you I'm gonna read you your rights
You gotta right to know that you're gonna go to hell one of these black nights

When the trial was over he had the nerve to say that's the way it goes
I said well hoss you better get you some corks
Cause you're gonna have to plug up a few holes
Guess he thought I was talkin' just to pass away time
But it kinda looks different now on his knees beggin' for his life
Hey I got rights I got some rights too...
No this time there ain't no damn lawyers and systems to save you

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