Hank Williams, Jr. - Outlaw's Reward Lyrics

Artist: Hank Williams, Jr. Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Five-O
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Ive always been labeled, As a rip roarin Hell Raisin kind
But you know here lately, I got other things on my mind
Like livin and dyin, and where Ill spend eternity
What kind of reward Jesus, Have you got out on me

Down here on earth, There's a big price on my head
But Ive got all my friends and my loved ones who'll cry when Im dead
And someday we'll all sing along, From the other side
Cause Ive heard that everyone's wanted,
Behind your heavenly gates in the sky

What kind of reward Jesus, Have you got on me
I wonder how the words on my big, Wanted poster do read
And oh how Id love to be taken, into your custody
What kind of reward Jesus, Have you got on me

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