Hanker - Save your Life Lyrics

Artist: Hanker Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Snakes and ladders
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Lost in your obsession
Blinded by the load that leads your life
Your blood turns to poison
Welcome to the wonderland of hell
Open your eyes and see, you've fallen

Surrounded by the darkness
No past, no now, no future, just despair
Death seems the only way
To break free from this madness that you crave

Tortured by the flickering memories
Of your past that should have
Saved your life, Save your life
Save your life, Save your life


Hold on to your life

Look into your soul
The truth inside your heart will set you free
In spite of all the pain
You fought for life and now you life again

[Repeat Chorus]

Save your life
I told you, I told you

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