Hanna Pakarinen - Don't Hang Up Lyrics

Artist: Hanna Pakarinen Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on When I Become Me
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I really wanna know what you're gonna do
'cos I can't wait around for you
Whenever you run from the conversation
You never slow down to communicate
I'm saying hey yeah
(I don't understand)
Don't hang up on me now
Hey you gotta tell me more
Don't hang up on me now
Give a little bit, give a little-
...don't do it
Drop another dime and waste another minute
I've been on hold since yesterday
You talk about love and now you're in it
Why do you sound so far away
Don't hang up...
Goodbye is the knife
And you're cutting me off
If you can't learn to talk
What's the point of the call?
If you disconnect the telephone
You'll only hear a lonely dial tone
A busy signal can't make love to you

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