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Artist: Hanna Pakarinen Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Lovers
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Pump, pump it up
Pump it up right now
Jump, jump it up
Baby show them how
Don't try to stop or we're going down
Pump, pump it up
Baby give it juice
Live life, love hard, look good, let loose
Don't jump the beat
Baby what's the use
Hear the world that is so demanding
Where you always gotta keep your hand in
Got my own two feet and I'm standing
Now I think it's time for me to go
Go go, no apologies
Not my ideologies
I take, what I want
And I go, you go, we go, let's go (go go)
Now wait, zero gravity
Too late, no one's having me
Oh god, where's my sanity?
Go up high, down low, too slow, go go
I'm no one's toy, nobody's clown
Can't pick me up and throw me down
One day I'm lost, the next I'm found
Don't like it
[repeat BRIDGE]
[repeat CHORUS]
So you think it's all around ya?
Only it seems like your times up
And now you've gotta make your mind up...
Just go!
[repeat CHORUS twice]
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