Hanna Pakarinen - It Ain't Gonna Happen Lyrics

Artist: Hanna Pakarinen Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Lovers
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You say it's all right
You say we'll be good
And all is forgiven
And understood
As it should
It'll be so good
You say it will be letter
This time around
You say we will find
The thing not found
In the past
Together at last
It ain't gonna happen, right
I'm tired of crying over you
It ain't gonna happen, no
It's too good to be true
To be loved again
It ain't gonna happen
I maybe the girl
You knew back then
And I may still feel
The way I felt
Back when
You left me crying
But I ain't gonna tell
It won't be me
It's all in your head
The life you see
By me
Will never be
It ain't gonna happen...
I cannot believe in all your schemes
I cannot believe in all your dreams
You cannot let go and you can't hold on
And it will go on and on and on
It ain't gonna happen...

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