Hanna Pakarinen - Tears You Cry Lyrics

Artist: Hanna Pakarinen Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Lovers
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I wanna see the things you see
I wanna be the things you'll be
Sing the songs you're singing
I wanna miss the things you miss
I wanna bless the things you bless
Live the life you're living
Tears you cry
I will cry
I'll shed one for every word
Even meant to hurt your soul
Tears you cry
I will cry
For every sigh you'll ever sigh
For any reason why you cry
Tears you cry
I wanna walk the roads you walk
I wanna talk the words you talk
Give the things you're giving
I wanna take the turns you take
I wanna break the chains you break
Leave the things you're leaving
Tears you cry...
I wanna hear the sounds you hear
I wanna fear the things you fear
Fake the smiles that you're faking
I wanna lose the wars you lose
I wanna choose the peace you choose
Pay the dues you are paying
Tears you cry...

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