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Everybody knows the bones
Just had to find a way
Everybody knows what I'm talkin 'bout
Thats how I'll get an A!

My bodys many parts
And this is where it start
Phalanges I have 10 i got some metosile then

I have some tarsals too!
I'll put them in my shoe!
The fibula is next
according to my text!

Then comes the Tibia
That ain't no fibia

And now my up to my knee
(yeah yeah yeah!)
Thats the Patella to me!

Were doing the Bone Dance
You study the answers
again and again
till I get it right

Were doing the bone dance
you dance and you learn it
And we won't mess up this test!

We'll get it perfect!

Now I take it home
with the Parietal Bone
It might be crazy
But, we learn that way

Temporal Frontal too
And now were finally threw
That makes 206
I found the way that clicks!


Were doing the bone dance
We studied the answers
again and again
till We got it right!

Were doing the bone dance
you dance and you learn it
We won't mess up this test

Well get it PERFECT! WORD!

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