Hanoi Rocks - Devil Woman Lyrics

Writer(s) : MCCOY, ANDY
Artist: Hanoi Rocks Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Oriental Beat
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Times they've been changin' lately as you can see,
Time's been changin' both you and me
You say you'll leave me, leave me for good,
Maybe you're right, baby, maybe you should

Devil woman rides on the wind,
She'll leave you in the wings
Evil woman my dreams are now reality

You just ain't good for me woman
You just ain't good for me girl,
Times they are harder than they were before
It's time for you to close the door, 'cause you hurt me real bad
You made me cry, boy, you made me sad
You just ain't good for me woman,
You just ain't good for me girl
You just ain't good for me woman,
You just ain't good for me girl
Oh, devil woman
Vision from the sky came falling on me,
Asked: "is this a nightmare that I see?"
Saw my woman with another man,
Saw our love slidin' through my hands
Oh, devil woman, oh, devil woman,
You hurt me bad

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