Hanoi Rocks - Teenangels Outsiders Lyrics

Writer(s) : MCCOY, ANDY
Artist: Hanoi Rocks Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Oriental Beat
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Me and Jimmy we ran out on the streets
There was no place for us in the society
We were selling stolen bikes in the backyards
Smashed windows and fights in the bar
They tried to catch us but we were too far
We had whiskey in a jar and there never was no reason why
Cause we were wild and free ye-ye-yeah
We gotta break out of out cage
An' get to know how it feels
Wild and free ye-ye-yeah
How we ran on the roofs at nights, just Jimmy 'n' me
Some people are losing and cryin'
We only cared about livin' and dyin'
We talked about this whole damned world
And still came up laughing, ha, ha, ha!
They called us bums wearing filthy rags
We used to steal old ladies' bags
Teenangels outsiders, we were the naughty boys
Wild and free ye-ye-yeah
When Jimmy drove off the street and died in his cadillac
But he was wild and free ye-ye-yeah!
Me and the boys we're off the track, never lookin' back
Wild and free ye-ye-yeah
We gotta get out of this place
An' get to know how it feels
Wild and free ye-ye-yeah!
Much too fast to live a long life
Much too young to die!
And were laughin' and-a-singin' and-a-doin' all the
Things that we used to do before

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