Harry Connick, Jr. - Eyes of the Seeker Lyrics

Artist: Harry Connick, Jr. Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Star Turtle
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I remember what my father said
He said "You don't slow down
You're gonna end up dead"
I remember what my brother said
He said "You're runnin blind
Like a bird flyin' into the sun"... Yeah

They might be older than me
But the eyes of the seeker
Are the ones that see

Old man with a new brown bag
Washed away his home
Hung over the nag
Threw the ring in the river
At the end of the street
Then he laid on down in the park
With the bag at his feet... Yeah

He might think he's really free
But the eyes of the seeker
Are the ones that see
All... All ya'll

Try to push it further
Than you think your life is worth
Or you'll get nowhere
Spendin' all your time with the devil
Grind... Your mind
'Stead of sittin home
Lyin' in your bed
Sayin you just don't care... Well...

Big Daddy from the back of the cell
Said "You want to last
You gotta run like hell"
But Big Daddy must been runnin' slow
He told me the view's real good
From the top of the rope... Yeah

It's overcast with an ill decree
And the eyes of the seeker
Are the ones that see

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