Harry Connick, Jr. Greatest Love Story Lyrics

Artist: Harry Connick, Jr.
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When I was a baby
Lying in my bed
My momma told me
Stories in her head
Sometimes they were happy
Sometimes they were sad
I’d keep them forever
Some of the best days that I had

She told me ‘bout men
Waited all their life
And got ‘em a boatload
But never got ‘em a wife
She told me ‘bout women
Just born to be true
But found I’m a man that
Found ‘em other women to do

My momma said
To live till I was dead
Well, you gave life to livin’
The life that lies ahead
We’re on our way forever
We’re on our way for good
We’re on our way to a lifetime
Like we knew we could
We’re right in the middle
Ain’t young, ain’t old
But we’re telling the greatest
Love story ever told

Momma said there’s a reason
They call ‘em fairy tales
Only people like Jonah
Wind up living in whales
But she said I was special
And if I never gave in
I’d find me a girl and
Y fairy tale would begin

My momma tried
To live until she died
And even though she never met you
She’d be happy you’re my bride

Repeat Chorus