Harry Connick, Jr. - In Love Again Lyrics

Artist: Harry Connick, Jr. Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on To See You
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There's a winding crack
Moving through my windshield,
Like a vein in my head.
The faster I go,
The faster it winds.
I'll get off the road
When my heart explodes,
But not till then;
I'm in love again.

Given circumstance,
I'm bounded by commitment
The whole way around.
I usually know when I get to the end,
As sure as I stand.
The hour hand
Has stopped at ten;
I'm in love again.

There's an old blue shirt,
Hanging in my closet;
It's a favorite of mine.
One day I looked and it just wasn't there.
Now there's a red one,
Hanging instead.
It happens when
You're in love again.
I'm in love again.

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