Harry Connick, Jr. - Let's Just Kiss Lyrics

Artist: Harry Connick, Jr. Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on To See You
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If we borrow words
They'll have to be returned;
Keeping them would surely be remiss.
The stars have acquiesced
By giving us this night;
Let's just kiss.

Intellect and thought
Are good enough for some;
Why waste time with all there is to miss?
In our quiet space
We'll babysit the moon;
Let's just kiss.

Nothing to erase
As the hour slows;
Nothing to be judged or tried untrue.
Handed us a case,
What a case to close;
It could take all night before we do.

We won't have to try.
Somehow we'll just know.
A thousand years before us led to this.
When we're finally through,
We'll usher in the sun;
Let's just kiss.

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