Harry Connick, Jr. We Got It Lyrics

Artist: Harry Connick, Jr.
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You turn corners
All you find is empty road
You reach milestones
Just to bear another load
You’re just waiting
For your poor heart to explode
And you wonder
How much you can take

You chase rainbows
And there ain’t no pot of gold
There’s no bright side
When you look, it’s dark and cold
Hold your hand out
And there ain’t no hand to hold
And you wonder
How muh your heart can ache

But you’ve got it in you
You’ve got it in you
You’ve got it in you
You’ve got it in you

You’ve got questions
But nobody answers you
You’ve got problems
And no one to tell them to
Hold you head up
‘Cause that’s all that you can do
And you wonder
When you’re gonna break

Only you can make up your mind
It don’t matter what the people say
Just do what you’d do anyway
‘Cause it’s you at the end of the day

Repeat Chorus