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Album: Track 9 on Conquering the Throne
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Born Aware
Yet Destined Not To Be
To An Entity Of Pain You Serve
Taken From The Light
Nourishment Through Spite
Depleting Human Decree
Chronic Infliction Through A Sickened Will
The Many That Stain This Earth
It Doesn't Matter Who Must Suffer
When Your Sickness Claims Rebirth

Upheaving Desire - Heinous In Its Wake
Abandonment Of Life - This Baneful Mistake
Sickness Now Unfolds In You - To Death You

Spiritual Holocaust

Pagan Messiah - The Almighty Fiend
Abode Of Damned

Spiritual Holocaust

Plead For Forgiveness
You Can't Resist Its Temptation

Spiralling Permanence
Merciless Decadence
Unethical Banishment
Fall Before That Which Summons You

Imminent Dormancy
Heinous Attrocities
Demons That Beckon Me
That Which To Escape
Is To Die

Spiritual Holocaust

Spiritual Holocaust

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