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Artist: Hate Eternal Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Fury & Flames
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Chronicles of utter chaos
Visions of a darkened past
Amidst vigils of our gods
Exists the purifying baths
Such horrors envelop us
Such terror within our loins
In the knowledge of the land of the dead
Whom gods may destroy

Dignified and reviled
Whom gods may destroy
Whom gods may destroy, whom gods destroy
Revered and abolished
Whom gods may destroy

Elders of a dying breed
Banished upon the ashes of flame
Spawned from the progeny
Messiah of the apocalypse
We spill the blood of men
Upon monoliths of our gods
In the temple of the land of the dead

In homage to our spirits
Where day becomes the night
We give praise to our gods
The obsidian sword now falls upon the flesh
In honor of our spirits
The mighty gods of death
We build effigies of our deities
We exalt you in all your glory

All who are cursed, fear me now!

Afflicted by this scourge
The great plague that shall befall upon us
We are of disease, of destiny
We must become one with our gods
Whose massive fury shall scorch this Earth
For we are all destined to oblivion

All who are cursed shall fear me now
I denounce you all

Whom gods may destroy, whom gods destroy
Dignified and reviled
Whom gods may destroy

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