Hatebreed To the Threshold Lyrics

Artist: Hatebreed
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Length: 2:49

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This is the sound of the lost, beaten and broken, rising up and claiming what has been taken from us
From the shadows of the past
From the depths of our own failures
Stepping forward into the light
Denying our demise
Decimating all uncertainty
Bowing to only who can place judgement upon me

Give me your broken
give me your beaten
I will build them up
I will lead them
To The Threshold
Make you stronger
Make you believe
I am one in the same but now stronger than uncertainty
Within this army
This is more than a battle - cry
It's the blood of our lifeline
Flowing faster

This is the sound of the lost, beaten and broken
Decimating all fears
Stronger than ever
Beyond every dream
Ascension into supremacy
Now we're stronger than ever
Harder than ever

We were the broken
We were the beaten
I was once like you
Now I push myself to the threshold
Because I am stronger
Because I believe
Now I spit in the face of defeat
Now I'm stronger than all uncertainty
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