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Album: Track 2 on Hazen Street
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I've been to many places
I've seen many faces
Soft and hard, battle scared
I've seen prison bars
Not for long, but long enough to write this song
Right or wrong, I'm a product of a battle zone

Lower East Side where it's not pretty
'Cause I see many talk it, but can they really walk it?
By the west side they show no pity

(See you) walking around you're bound by only fantasies
Thinking you're hard, you know that's not reality
We all see, we know you're just a wannabe
So fool the world but you can't fool me

In my home, alone, and on these streets
I've seen beefs and walked with heat
What does it all mean to me?
Not a thing, if I don't live to write and sing
About the life, about strife, about everything

(Chorus x2)

I've seen you come and go, all you tough guy clones
When will you leave it alone?
I've seen you come and go, all you tough guy clones
You're all from front street
Better keep it moving kid
You don't know what you're doing here

(Chorus x2)

Fool the world but you can't fool me [x4]

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