Headstones - Heart of Darkness Lyrics

Artist: Headstones Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Picture of Health
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Heart of darkness
Heart of pain
Heart of darkness
And it's swimming in my veins
Sometimes I look around and I just can't believe what a
Stinking horrible motherfucking web I weave
Around myself
I look to my friends
Seduced by the bottle and the warmth of a syringe
I live my life like a terminal patient
I don' t make plans just funeral arrangements
Like a con who goes down for 20 years
He remembers the faces of the judge and the jurors
God loves me
God loves you
God loved Hitler and 6 million Jews
Must be a con who won't come down from the mount
We do a death dance he does a body count
Heart of darkness
Heart of pain
Heart of darkness
and it's swimming in my veins

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