Headstones - When Something Stands for Nothing Lyrics

Artist: Headstones Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on The Greatest Fits
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When something stands for nothing
A detached memory
This ones about everything you don't think about until you sleep
This one's for nothing and this ones for fun
This ones about rock 'n' roll, comic books and bubble gum
oo ooo o oo oo oo oo o ooo ooo
And each day offers something
But none of it'll last
Unless you take the reigns take them from the knight
Push the pawn right through the pass
And this one's for the silence and the questions that it brings
And the smell of time and the reverence and the possibilities
oo oo oo oo ooo o o o o oo o
Double up the foreground put it on a slide
Inspect it with your perfect ways until it burns your eyes
And this ones for nothing
This ones for fun
And this ones about rock 'n' roll, comic books and bubble gum
oo oo oo o o oo o o o oo

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