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Album: Track 1 on Hear'Say
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You've been sayin' I'm drivin' you crazy,
And I haven't been around for you lately,
But I had a few things on my mind.
When I'm with you I am filled with emotion,
Can't you see that I'm givin you devotion,
And a love like this is hard to find.

I know I've been walkin around in a daze,
But you've gotta believe me when I say,

Where ever you go, (I want to be there),
Whatever you do, (i'm always gonna be there),
It's pure and simple (yeah yeah)
I'll be there for you.
Pure and simple gonna be there,
Whatever it takes, (i'm gonna be there),
I swear it's true, (i'm always gonna be there),
It's pure and simple (yeah yeah)
I'll be there for you, pure and simple gonna be there.

I've been there through the stormiest weathers,
Always trying to make things a bit better,
And I know I've gotta try and get through to you.
You can love me in a way like no other but the situations takin' you under,
So you need to tell me now what you want to do.



I'll always be there for you baby,
You know that I'll always be around, (oh yeah)
I'm always gonna be there.
I'll always be there for you hunny,
You know I'll never let you down, (OOHH OHH)
'cause your the only one for me, yeah yeah yeah.
Baby, baby.

Chorus, repeat until end.

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