Heatmiser - See You Later Lyrics

Artist: Heatmiser Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Mic City Sons
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You got a choke chain
Made out of nightrain
To keep your memory down
In quicksand from the main man
To gel everything out
Always out on a joyride
Lay it out from insides
Always at a dead stall
From sticking pins into miniature men
Who can't feel it at all

See you later
See you later
If I see you at all
See you later

Walk through thick mud
Looking for new blood
Thinking I heard your name
Cruel imagination is still giving me pain
Just to find you with the
Of one of your little affairs
Saying how he loves you now
Let me show you how much I care

See you later
See you later
If I see you at all

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