Heaven 17 - Shame Is on the Rocks Lyrics

Artist: Heaven 17 Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on How Men Are
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Guess who's walking in your tracks
(don't look back)
Forcing you to re-enact

(making contact)
No-one's safe when
Shame is on the rocks
There's no faith when
Shame is on the rocks

Bow your head, you'll hear his call
(hear his call)
Such a shame, for one so tall

(instant recall)
No-one walks when
Shame is on the rocks
There's no talk when
Shame is on the rocks

Slower than the second coming
It will happen all the same
Knowing why the spirit's broken

It's a shame
Think before you say a word
(someone heard)
Go before you are disturbed
(days are numbered)

Lose your aim when
Shame is on the rocks

Miss the train when
Shame is on the rocks

Shame is the one with power in his hand
There he waits, without a plan
But no-one came, it's such a...

Shame is the same for you and you and you
There are no chosen few
Who will remain? it's such a...

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