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Good evening ladies and gentlemen

Dig it (aowwwwwww!) C'mon
See you? You be frontin' a lot uh-huh
You the type of chick to bring the heat to the spot
Cats be like whoa, when you out on the block
'Specially when it's hot, you like the neighborhood watch
See me? I'm impressed with that
How you sound, Diggy bound to get next to dat
Guaranteed don't care, when I'm sexin' dat
What'chu think? One wink, and I'm smashin' dat
Now why you wanna go and flirt with D?
Boyfriend all mad, he musta heard about me
Tell me who you know flip licks like this
Piss Crist' like this, with a dimepiece miss

I know, you love me
Tell them they can't touch me
You're big and, you're sexy
I know, you love me

See you? You be frontin' a lot uh-huh
Runnin' off your mouth in the gamblin' spot
You the type of dude that'll get cats knocked
Snitchin' to cops, you be *****in' a lot blah blah
Talkin 'bout, Heavy don't keep it real
Well why don'tcha stop tellin', and keep it real in jail
See me? I just play my lane
Baptize my game, fraternize with dames
Diamond lit crucifix, dangle from chains
Simple and plain, I'm handlin' thangs
When it's warm, put my minks in the freezer
Bodyguard, two divas, with the two heaters in the two-seater
Diggy gon' spread like germ
When it's my turn I jiggle my worm, wiggle like sperm
Watch me Bus like Bettis, I got a cheddar fetish
Because I heat up yo' spot, you gon' feel me a lot
H-E, A-V, Y-D
And I'll be damned, if you ain't lovin me, c'mon

[Chorus x2]
I know you love me

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