Helen Baylor Can You Reach My Friend Lyrics

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Album: Track 7 on Highly Recommended

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[VERSE 1:]
I got a call from an old friend
We laughed about how things had changed
But I could tell things weren't going as well
as he claim
He tried to hide his feelings
But they only gave him away
The longer I listened,
The more I kept wishing that
I knew the right words to say
Can You reach my friend ?
Bring his searching to an end
Lord, I know you love him
Help him understand
Can You reach my friend?
You're the only One who can
Help him give his heart to You
[VERSE 2:]
We talked for more than an hour
I smiled when he mentioned Your name
I said that I knew You
I told him the difference You made
But he never thought he would need You
But maybe he's changing his mind
As we said goodbye Lord
He told me that I ad found
Something that e'd like to find
Maybe he's ready tonight
Lord, he said that he might
Need to call You
Help him give his heart to You