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Album: Track 8 on Star Studded Sham
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Let it rock. Let it flow
Let it rock. Let it go.

I'm on the east side now
You're not so far away
Now I can see you most every day
I can feel that tonight's the night

On 42nd street that's the place to meet
You'll here the music the soul bands play
You feel the back beat one block away
I've been waiting for the weekend

We're gonna live it up
We're gonna love it up
We're gonna rock

Let it rock. Let it flow . . .
Down at the red light room
We're gonna be there soon
We're gonna dance to the full moonlight
A team of horses won't stop me now

So this is 42nd street
We're gonna shake it up
We're gonna break it up
We're gonna rock
Let it rock. Let it flow . . .

We're gonna slip
We're gonna slide
We're gonna peep gonna hide
Let it rock. Let it flow . . .

Do the stop do the stroll
Do the jive do the roll
Let it rock. Let it flow . . .

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