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* has an extra verse not on the album [Talib Kweli] (Vinia Mojica) Yeah, you pronounce my name (Kweli), any questions? I bring many blessings with my man Hi-Tek and he from the Natti (Natti) We make the sky crack, feel the fly track, get your hands up like a hijack Fist in the air for (Kweli), keep 'em there like Natural mystic or smoke when they spliffs lit It's a revolutionary (party), they ask me what I'm writing for I'm writing to show you what we fightin for Say Taleeb or Talib (Kweli), if it's hard try spelling it phonetically If not then just let it be like Nina Simone you probably (ably) don't listen B Even when we suffer loses I account the victory Sometimes it's far and between I'm sad to say it got my brain crowded like sunset on a Saturday I know my son wept 'cause his dad's away Stop crying be strong is what I had to say to my little man named Amani (mani) Chorus: repeat 2X Start the party, my crew hot feel these two shots Like the blast from a double barrel shottie (shottie) It's got to be,
your man Hi-Tek and Kweli Who make you rock your body (body) [Hi-Tek] I remember when it all started Back in the day when me and moms first parted Hi-Tek from the beginning I stayed advanced A young chameleon -- adapt to any circumstance Peep game nigga, never been a lazy nigga Stayed on my hustle, concentrate to get the paper bigger Stay focused while other cats stay hopeless While niggas stay high I stay lower, Stacking my chips to get a foreclosure, this shit ain't over Going for the gusto, keep getting that provo, It's Hi-Tek (and Kweli) on the track like Flow Jo, bet you ain't even know I had flow though Chorus [repeat 3x] Keep on dancing, ya gotta keep on dancing {Overlapping} oh oh ohhhhhh, yeah yeahhhhhhh Keep on dancing, ya gotta keep on dancing [Talib Kweli] (Vinia Mojica) Say my name, say my name (Kweli), like Destiny's Child Shine bright like my girl's heavnly smile or a suit on Steve Harvey (Harvey) Or tighter than them jeans that be huggin black hips '70 style like Chaka Khan ain't nobod
y (body) Set the stage, blazed like my crew we burn it down like sages Smokin, clubs is where we party (party) Holla at my spit kickin niggas Pharoahe Monch, De La Soul, Common Sense, and my man Biz Markie (Markie) Chorus [repeat 3x] Keep on dancing, ya gotta keep on dancing {Overlapping} oh oh ohhhhhh, yeah yeahhhhhhh Keep on dancing, ya gotta keep on dancing

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