High on Fire - Brother in the Wind Lyrics

Artist: High on Fire Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Blessed Black Wings
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The lot is cast mysteries vast
alive your eyes as conscience dies
As he runs he's taken from the world
we know the dealer's blow
Embrace our faith without a trace
wonder takes our earthly days
Not forgot just left behind
the prison will not always bind

[Chorus] And if the sun never shined on us
the night time has fruit of the vine
Come with me now and just lie to me
tonight we'll pretend we're alive
Our brother's wind flows on and on...

Bones and flesh lives that rest
holy blood the spirit's quest
Beauty ties the end's disguise
a somber dirge cause angels die
A sky of gray the coffins lay
the sun will come another day
Not forgot just left behind
the prison will not always bind


Where have I wandered my father
led like lamb to my slaughter
Truth has awakened the dreamer
hand I the keys to the keeper

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