Hopsin - Deep Cover (L.A. Leakers Freestyle) Lyrics

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I’m the rap maniac with the hooligan nice
Who’s cooler than I, what niggas move it aside
When you head I was the big deal, you was surprised
West coast big, put your double U’s in the sky
I spend my days as a refuge to the rap game
Came to rescue me and left my wrist paved in accessories
A dangerous necessity, I came here to reconcile
You wrong if you think that wayne was the recipe
He ain’t worthy of that, the controversy is back
Get off the coole, sterm me a bats
I prefer to relax, but I can’t and god knows it
Gotta stay raw with the flow that I’m diagnosed with
Oh shit, niggas keep fucking with my emotions
Maybe that’s the reason I suffer from psychosis
Shocking it’s high voltage, fuck it, my life’s hopeless
So I had to make sure I killed it when I wrote this.

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