HorrorPops - Walk Like a Zombie Lyrics

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Album: Track 9 on Bring It On!
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You walk like a zombie
you talk like a zombie
its not in your head
you're a living dead
whatever you're gonna do
you're gonna make me cry

and you wanna hold hands
in the cemetery
and you wanna be lost
for all eternity
and everything is dark
and kind of scary
and you crave the full moon
but i don't care

and you want a mountaintop
with a little castle
and you wanna name our kids
morticia and fester
and all the flowers you bring
are always dead
and you howl at the moon
but i don't care

six feet under
you make me wonder
you wanna be undead
so you can be hunted
but whatever you're gonna do
i'm gonna follow you

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