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Album: Track 6 on Hell Yeah!
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Stand back keep away
i'm not giving up my soul today
Evil men trying to eat at me
Is there a lesson to be learned
Another night another damn fright
I'm holding on to my head
If they look like dead and act like dead...
Well dead shouldn't walk in my house

Calling my name, begging my brains
Inviting me in, making me one of them
I'd rather tear my heart out

I don't wanna give in
I don't wanna concede
I don't wanna be

Where they wander
I don't wanna submit
To their way of politics
I don't wanna be
Where they wander

Endless pain their domain
Walking through the night
Nekorman finally eat at me
His tainted heart got to me
We are always gonna be

Forever we will be together in our lust
well we walk like dead and smell like dead
We look etter than when we met

Calling your name, wanting your brains
Inviting you in, making you one of us
We'd like to tear your heart out

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