Hotspur - 5th of July Lyrics

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Album: Track 9 on Beta
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Left you a note by the bed saying thanks for the night
Tripped on the phone as I left and I woke up the cat
I took a long last look at you asleep on the bed
I stole a paper from your neighbor for the bus ride back
But things are never what they seem, c'mon
Now hold your breath for what comes next
This game of chess
Where everything stays set
And no one makes a move
So no one gets upset
And nothing breaks your heart
No nothing shakes your bed
Don't start me, Don't start me
Outside on the streets on the 5th of July
It was a better day to be a little bitter on the inside
I turned a corner and the sun went blind
I had a vision you were with me when the fireworks died
But things are never what they seem, c'mon
She's blushing red but what comes next
Yet I confess
The things you said
The mess you left
Your silhouette
It's got me calling to let you know
To let you know I won't forget

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