Hotspur - Criminal Lyrics

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Album: Track 8 on Beta
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Nobody witnessed
She made a statement
Side with the victim
Tossed on the pavement
Walks like she's innocent
Talks like a saint
But she's lost, she's commitable
Crooked as a criminal
Hiding all the evidence
Covering the fingerprints
Nobody has to know
Pack your bags, Oh oh oh
Somewhere no one else will know
About your past, Oh oh oh
But don't look back, don't look back
Everything's fine
Nobody's to blame
No one gets hurt
Cuz it's just a little flame
It's just a little lie
A victimless crime
It's just another day with your eyes looking
over from your shoulder cuz you're
Every time you start to break down, I'll be waiting
Every time you run away
There's nothing there you haven't seen
I'll be somewhere in between
What you take and what you leave behind
In everyone around you but you know
Every time you turn away, I'll be waiting for you
Every time you run away

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