Hotspur - She's Got To Go Lyrics

Artist: Hotspur Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Beta
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She's like a reflex, making your knees bend back
It's automatic and unconditional
Breathing all of your secrets, oh
It's problematic, but once you've had it
You can never get back the way
You used to be, it's harder to breathe
No you can never get back the way
You used to be before she came
And now she's on top
You're having second thoughts
But she won't stop
It's a little out of hand
One night stand up,
nothings right now
And when the light's out
Under your breath you confess
She's got to go
Everything's backwards, you are the apparatus
It's acrobatic, untraditional
The perfect shape of a perfect love
It might be plastic but once you've had it
I can't pretend, that I'm in control.
And it's sinking in, that she's got to go

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