Hourcast - 3rd of July Lyrics

Artist: Hourcast Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on State of Disgrace
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There are things that I saw living inside you.
Stolen fruit tastes oh so sweet

Its not enough till we say its enough.
Its never enough we dont know when to stop.
Its never enough we dont see but its coming.

And then you push me
Giving in a little
Push me, Giving in a little
Makes me want a little more of you.
Makes me want a little taste of you.

Lend a hand, by biting the one that feeds you.
Hope its worth, what you did to me.

And all this time youve been building it up.
Just one little move brought it all to a stop.
Now youve done enough, time to take what is coming.

Repeat Chorus:

Stolen sweets are always sweeter.
Stolen kisses much completer.
Stolen looks, so nice in chapels.
Stolen, stolen are your apples

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