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You don't know
How I feel
You never know
How I feel
When I needed you
To come around
You always try
To put me down

Well I know girl
Believe me when I say
That you
Are someday gonna pay
Girl but its alright
All right girl
You hurt me
But its alright

Hey now one day
You'll see
You'll never find
A guy like me
Who'll love you right
Both day and night
You never have to worry
Cause its alright

Oh what I'm telling you girl
And we both know its true
I am so mixed up over you
Girl but its alright
All right girl
You hurt me
But its alright
Oh yeah

Oh yeah
My my my baby

I said its alright
Alright girl
Hey now its alright
Alright girl

Now everything
I wanna say
You'll meet a guy
That'll make you pay
Hell treat you bad
And make you sad
And you will ruin
The love you had

Oh but Id hate
To say I told you so
You got to got to be more so
Yeah but its alright
Alright girl
You are payin now
But its alright

Goodbye love
Goodbye girl
You're paying now
But its alright
You hurt me once
You hurt me twice
Oh baby

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