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I like things that go fast
Because I know that good things don't ever last
I like believing in what I want to
Don't like no one to tell me what to do
And I like the times that we've had
But I couldn't tell you what's good or bad
I'm only hoping that you understand
This feeling that I'm feeling when I'm holding your hand

I know what I like
I know what I like to do
I know what I like, well what about you?

I like the sound of breaking glass
And if you don't believe me, why do you ask?
I like leaving town, and coming back home
I'm going to show you, when we're all alone
I like staying up all night
Watching old movies 'til the morning light
I don't pretend to know what's right or wrong
But I won't like leaving, if I stay here too long


I like things that don't change
Because the more something changes, the more it stays the same
I might be simple, take it easy sometimes
But I can be stubborn when I've made up my mind


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