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Artist: I Against I Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on I'm a Fucked Up Dancer but My Moods Are Swinging
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You'll never know anything that I've done And you'll never know anything that I've seen Don't you
pretend that you care one bit How have you been, haven't seen you in a while Found your name in
the 'missing person' files Why are you here; there's nothing to prove You'll get nowhere Speak for
yourself, don't be a talk-a-like Try to be righteous, like Tina; not Ike Don't be a private dancer
for life And if you got a mind of your own, why don't you use it And if you got a mind of your
own, why don't you prove it Prove you have brains by blowing them out You'll get nowhere Don't
you realize all this will get you nowhere You scratch the surface at it's most To open up yourself
would make you taste the real thing It has some good times, and some bad But it's better than this
Don't need you here; goodbye for always Your flight outta here has not been delayed Go the hell
away and never come back I never liked what you did and said Suck up to me again; you'll be dead
You'll be JFK; I'll be Lee Harvey Go away Never come back

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