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Artist: I Am Kloot Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Natural History
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Feel so straight, and look so slow
But just you wait 'til I get you home
I saw you laughing on a TV show
Didn't think you'd know, all colours lead to black
Say you cant let go, and then you're never coming back.

Watch yourself when you talk to me
Cuz I've got you and 86 TV's
And all those words that they made up for me
And what I thought they'd be
The radio's are red
They made a mess of me
So now I'm walking home instead.

Sweet like apples, I pulled you
Reminds me of the things we said we'd do
Now all those words that they made up for you
Could never pull you through
The greed and all the gain
They made a mess of you
And now you'll never be the same

I'd love to say I'd like to thank you all
But I have not the gaul, the wisdom or the guile
You walked into that ball
And then you disappeared in style.

On 86 TV's, On 86 TV's, On 86 TV's, On 86 TV's,

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