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Album: Track 4 on Gods and Monsters
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from an ordinary house, in an ordinary world
from an ordinary town, there came an ordinary girl
wore a face that looked surprised, a book of dog eared rhymes

she ever made a sound, never said a word
nothing was ever seen, nothing was ever heard
from an an ordinary town, and an ordinary girl

she's feeling outrageous, so daft and courageous
she's laughing, flirtacious, while falling unconscious
she's selfish and needy, she's wanton and greedy
she's mugging her lovers, she's bleeding the buggers from below

in an ordinary house, in an ordinary town
upon an ordinary street, nothing was ever found
that ordinary girl who never made a sound

she's up in the attic, she's bristling with static
her beauty's vampiric, so solemn and stoic
she's wanton, she's needy, she's selfish and greedy
she's mugging her lovers, she's bleeding the buggers from below

the ones she's been kissing, all strangely've gone missing
on a day when the weather, was stormy, untethered
'd'you see them?', no never, they all went together
they all went together, with the ordinary girl

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